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Fairtrade FreshCoffee Delivered To Your Door


Early Inspiration

Born into loving family from Guyana and St Lucia, coffee wasan intrinsic part of our mornings. As a child, I always overheard my parents,uncles and aunts stories about the coffee produced back home. My father wouldsay the island of St Lucia once produced the coffee that was the best in theworld and mother and her friends would always discuss coffees from SouthAmerica.


Helping Local Farmers

Growing up in the UK, I saw a lack of coffees made with thesame love, passion and know-how as my elders once described. With that beingsaid, I have made it my mission to provide the best coffee out there by carefullysourcing the finest beans from across the globe particularly from local farmers.


Unlike the past, where there was no governance on theproduction and distribution of coffee - which left many local farmers exploited- I have also made it my mission to ensure our coffee is fairtrade, sustainableand from ethical local farms.


Unadulterated Taste

I have also opted to specialise in single origin coffees. Thismeans each of our coffees are from a single-known geographic region. Beingsingle origin, our coffees have unique characteristics and specific tastescompared to blended coffees from multiple origins.


Once I have the coffee beans, I ensure each single bean hasbeen roasted with the commitment of excellence, tenderness, warmth and love. Abag of coffee will not leave for delivery unless it has that feeling ofnostalgia I once had as a child.


30 Day - 100%Moneyback Guarantee

I want all my customers to experience the same love forcoffee as my family did back home. If my coffee does not deliver thatexperience for you, I will give you your money back.

Our coffee is sourced from Colombia, Brasil, Ethiopia, Uganda, Vietnam,Honduras,Costa Rica ,Mexico,Indonesia and Uganda

We ensure our coffee are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms.

We are proud to say that every single coffee bean

we sell is roasted on the prestigious Royal Arsenal development

beside the River Thames in Woolwich.